Past Tours & Blitzes

Here is a list of all (almost all) past blog tours and book blitz.  Click on banner to see schedules & stops for blog tours or blitz information!
(cover & trailer reveals not shown)

 photo Ninja Girl BLITZ banner_zpsm0q0prgs.jpg  photo Splinters2Bblitz2Bbanner_zpsijgeqw96.jpg photo wsrd banner for yabound BLITZ_zpsf6wvncoe.jpg  photo The Bitter Taste blitz banner_zpsoqkfoope.jpg  photo The Dragon Rider blitz banner_zpsdfiacqsj.jpg photo The Knight blitz banner NEW_zpsyinrovd9.jpg photo 7 Days with You blitz banner_zpsddhjo7bz.jpg  photo Summer of Irreverence blitz banner_zps26b3p963.jpg photo A School for Dragons blitz banner_zpsw7ztn2e9.jpg  photo At First Blush blitz banner_zpsk4gtjgyj.jpg photo Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer blitz banner_zps0km2iqza.jpg  photo Wyatt Watkins blitz banner_zpsmua5c4we.jpg  photo Petals blitz banner_zpsgt7tzrrt.jpg photo Birthright blitz banner_zpscebrq7em.jpg photo Eerie BLITZ banner_zpsp2f6lwnr.jpg  photo EXOTIQA blitz banner_zpsnwhx54p1.jpg photo Give Me Chaos blitz banner_zpsxriwiera.jpg photo The Secrets of Eden blitz banner_zpsntbwinzx.jpg  photo Third Chronicles of Illumination blitz banner_zpsztjfyb8g.jpg photo The Game Begins blitz banner_zpsbtahlmwx.jpg  photo International YA Giveaway banner NEW_zpsad8rxayy.jpg photo Chameleon blitz banner_zpsmhvtzqyo.jpg  photo Sequence Aligned blitz banner NEW_zps3kun4cs9.jpg photo Code Red blitz banner_zpspehgwmoc.jpg  photo Journey to the Rift blitz banner_zpsdazrieri.jpg  photo Gold Rush blitz banner_zpspai7ftme.jpg  photo Light in my dark blitz banner_zpsqoxj8nyn.jpg  photo Return to Yesterday blitz banner_zpsnmaeddw8.jpg photo Water  Blood blitz banner_zpszu34dfvy.jpg photo Golden Dragon blitz banner_zpsirsud9sk.jpg photo The Travelers blitz banner_zps118pjnqn.jpg photo Grail blitz banner_zpswvlpfyi3.jpg  photo Discord blitz banner_zps8mrwwt8t.jpg photo Alterations blitz banner_zpsv3m3pkbj.jpg photo Revelations blitz banner_zpsbejgkh1e.jpg photo Tracy_Meyer_Marli_Meade_Blitz_zpsnxx0i16i.jpg  photo Solstice blitz banner_zpsdavljeqc.jpg photo Forgetting Yesterday blitz banner_zpsk9yfvdra.jpg photo Burn blitz banner_zpsh2mnwctk.jpg  photo Weariland blitz banner_zpse0r4a5ki.jpg  photo Whimper blitz banner_zpsr7eagbhy.jpg  photo The Regulars blitz banner_zpslqtzs78m.jpg photo Darkwalker blitz banner_zpswsl0xpjm.jpg photo Distant Horizon blitz banner_zps4z8yymov.jpg photo The Carnival Keepers blitz banner_zps53mfsuqa.jpg photo Pushing Perfect blitz banner_zpsrofazcz1.jpg photo Echo Campaign blitz banner_zpshp4zo33i.jpg  photo The Sophisticates blitz banner_zpsytmnlgiq.jpg photo Worth Fighting For BLITZ banner_zpsummbm547.jpg photo Skye blitz banner_zps64jdlkuy.jpg  photo Sunrise blitz banner_zps1i9lsemp.jpg  photo giveaway fb banner_zpsdcezqwjs.jpg photo House of Chaos blitz banner_zpsdvxk71k8.jpg photo The Glitch blitz banner_zpshzovb1oa.jpg photo The Dark at the End blitz banner_zpstsxdgzvh.jpg  photo Brainwalker blitz banner_zpsmeufuswc.jpg  photo The Secret Lives of Rock Stars blitz banner_zpsdjf30dau.jpg photo Novus blitz banner_zpsmtnnlf86.jpg  photo Cease and Desist BLITZ banner_zpsxdrryh2s.jpg photo Nickel blitz banner_zpsbxxfvifa.jpg photo Just Friends blitz banner_zpsnayznsue.jpg  photo Captivate blitz banner_zps2v3u8bqv.jpg photo A Night Without Stars blitz banner_zpsvau0dzia.jpg  photo Rimrider blitz banner_zpsq14hergh.jpg photo The Reader blitz banner_zps60qigjrt.jpg photo Angelic anarchy blitz banner_zpsnfre31dg.jpg  photo Dark and Twisted Obsessions blitz banner_zpsrr7wt2e8.jpg photo Beautiful Chaos blitz banner_zpskqeakx8x.jpg photo Vienna Sky- Remember the Maelstrom joint BLITZ banner_zpstqstyf7f.jpg  photo Daring the Bad Boy blitz banner_zpsuhmzh3tt.jpg  photo This is Me blitz banner_zpsxz3pt260.jpg photo The Lost Knight blitz banner_zpswcxquu6m.jpg  photo Aria amp Ethan blitz banner_zpsadlox3ay.jpg photo Finding Ford blitz banner_zpsik6agxzs.jpg photo The Chronicles of Hawthorn blitz banner NEW_zpsjq7gyu9r.jpg  photo Vavaun blitz banner_zpslbfrh6fg.jpg photo City of Legends blitz banner_zpsuirilnzz.jpg photo The Summer of Lost Wishes blitz banner_zpsnpkjonhv.jpg  photo The Ghost Chronicles blitz banner_zpsvprwrewl.jpg photo Tainted blitz banner_zpsxm8kzayv.jpg photo bottled blitz banner_zpsbdaf2gin.jpg photo Running Back to Him blitz banner_zpso9zf8kuq.jpg  photo Fast-Pitch Love blitz banner_zpsytasvocj.jpg photo Therian blitz banner_zpsqchxvwb8.jpg photo Intertwined blitz Banner_zpsiwhnavae.jpg photo Rising Tides blitz banner_zps5ypmar1o.jpg photo The Deep End blitz banner_zps3zt56zlf.jpg photo zero BLITZ banner_zpsv1kqb8zm.jpg  photo the boy with words blitz banner NEW_zpst57yo9xl.jpg photo The Cinderealla Theorum blitz banner_zpsfooy7ng4.jpg photo Summerlypse blitz banner_zpsq1rp3sxp.jpg  photo how to disappear  blitz banner_zpspd8jyrzv.jpg photo musings of an earth angel blitz banner_zpshi6oi5jg.jpg photo The Forgotten blitz banner_zpscptjgcll.jpg photo In Dangers Embrace blitz banner_zpswh9qznvz.jpg  photo Beyond the Rising Tide trailer banner_zpsemuskuox.jpg photo Bound by Birthright blitz banner_zpsntry3qww.jpg photo It Started as a Whisper blitz banner_zpsdw44reyc.jpg photo Seneca Rebel blitz banner NEW_zpsxp0rokgy.jpg  photo in the eyes of madness blitz banner_zpsuecxxy1h.jpg photo painting sky blitz banner_zpskfsyhayt.jpg
 photo Under my Skin blitz banner_zps1xwyiycs.jpg photo Midnight Society blitz banner_zpsnp2artzt.jpg photo Mystical blitz banner_zpskzuhcyer.jpg photo Withering Rose blitz banner_zpsixa9redw.jpg photo A son of Carver blitz banner_zpsxohpsgxh.jpg  photo The Fairest Poison blitz banner_zpssbmk22nq.jpg  photo BOOK BLITZ_zpsrw1k5map.jpg photo the neverland wars blitz banner_zpsd9v1lwvm.jpg photo No One Dies in the Garden of Syn BLITZ banner_zpssuwr1ixk.jpg photo Anomalies BLITZ  banner_zpsjan96rrf.jpg photo Fire an Shadow blitz banner_zpssmrgxwod.jpg photo Tone Deaf blitz banner_zpsqk7zl0ni.jpg photo Kingdom from Ashes blitz banner_zpseedhmhxz.jpg  photo 27 days to midnight blitz banner NEW_zpspyghmsub.jpg  photo Bait blitz banner_zpsmxeqke3b.jpg photo gatekeepers BLITZ NEW banner_zpsmqskvrtz.jpg photo The Vengeful Half blitz banner_zpswv01mmh2.jpg  photo Ascenders Skypunch blitz banner_zpsmbnxmtmx.jpg photo Unicorn Tracks blitz banner_zpsdcgp5vf8.jpg photo Legends BLITZ banner NEW_zpssuk30ycr.jpg photo Immurement BLITZ banner_zpspbssc6rs.jpg photo persuasion blitz banner_zpsowljzdvb.jpg photo Adorkable blitz banner_zpszpciojbm.jpg photo Enchanted blitz banner_zpsju3vqy2x.jpg  photo the masterpiecers blitz banner_zpsprapypob.jpg photo Stricken blitz banner_zpsyttwvtvn.jpg photo killer pursuit blitz banner_zps4ma4ro0c.jpg photo The Passage blitz banner NEW_zpse6mzfrh0.jpg photo Dark amp Twisted Games blitz banner_zpsmorptfrt.jpg  photo Artificial blitz banner_zps17jgdlwg.jpg photo Under the Trees blitz banner_zps1awxnjq0.jpg photo Chasing Eva blitz banner_zpshvmukdou.jpg photo Alone blitz banner_zpsbqtuvtux.jpg photo The Sons of Gyges blitz banner_zpsvefgddaw.jpg  photo Sunbolt BLITZ banner NEW_zps5uitzr5w.jpg photo remembrance blitz banner_zpslccl0w1f.jpg  photo Riddle and Temple blitz banner_zpsj8kyw3bs.jpg photo Night Shift blitz banner_zpsf78p9ipl.jpg photo Murder Madness Such sweet Sadness blitz banner NEW_zpsvi8yopga.jpg photo An Eclipsing Autumn blitz banner_zpsv7hrjzx5.jpg photo The Witchling Apprentice blitz banner_zpsittymhcw.jpg photo Almana blitz banner NEW_zps4fijai3o.jpg photo The Letting blitz banner_zpsuvgtwywy.jpg  photo falling light blitz banner_zps3yjsbyvy.jpg photo Landry in Like BLITZ banner_zps7lmhfzx1.jpg photo Avenging Heart blitz banner_zpseihuszzh.jpg photo The Trouble with Family blitz banner_zpsn54pxkry.jpg  photo rising ridge BLITZ banner_zpsmqrujnzx.jpg  photo sing sweet sparrow blitz banner_zpsnmh5se9l.jpg photo Parasite blitz banner_zpsmyt62ydv.jpg  photo Angel in Training blitz banner_zpsppywnntl.jpg photo The Twistedly True Guardian Tale blitz banner_zpsy7wsqmjs.jpg photo dust and water blitz banner_zps2ikuvzih.jpg photo Earths End blitz banner v2_zpsuubnitsh.jpg  photo A faerie wedding blitz banner _zps8luqjuiu.jpg photo raining down rules blitz banner_zpszrgusuob.jpg  photo burning bright blitz banner_zpszcv7u94k.jpg photo The Fountain blitz banner_zpsjcl43hpq.jpg photo Slumber Duology blitz banner NEW_zpsvln7oncr.jpg  photo Clean BLITZ banner _zps8e1wcxlk.jpg photo The Boy Who Wields Thunder blitz banner _zpshy2ynlp9.jpg photo Elementals blitz banner _zpsl4eaybec.jpg  photo The Art of Raising Hell blitz banner_zpskbbzhmbr.jpg photo Aegis Incursion BLITZ banner_zpsvuxynicj.jpg  photo Lights of Aurora blitz banner _zpswxbk1nbw.jpg photo Ruby Hood blitz banner _zps672l90fm.jpg  photo Darkness Brutal amp Fair blitz banner_zpskcp11xej.jpg  photo Interlude blitz banner _zpsnmwzha5c.jpg photo His Dream Role blitz banner _zpsq8ktpkaq.jpg  photo a bucket full of awesome blitz banner _zps0pkm8ipb.jpg photo they call me alexandra gastone blitz banner_zpskzhn2lzq.jpg photo Mayan Blood new blitz banner _zpsplznian1.jpg  photo 29 blitz banner_zpsu3wdn1bz.jpg  photo Just a Few Inches blitz banner_zpsejz7g7d5.jpg  photo Cadence blitz banner_zpsiyjequ75.jpg  photo the truth spell blitz banner _zps7zt3ynju.jpg photo The Killer Contract Agency blitz banner _zps0onrrcuk.jpg  photo The Witching Hour blitz banner _zps26q1no9r.jpg photo the truth spell blitz banner _zps7zt3ynju.jpg photo the old creek bridge blitz banner _zps2llinsbg.jpg  photo A HORSE NAMED DOG blitz banner _zpstgrscqnx.jpg  photo A HORSE NAMED DOG blitz banner _zpstgrscqnx.jpg  photo A HORSE NAMED DOG blitz banner _zpstgrscqnx.jpg  photo The Phoenix Born blitz banner _zpsi9ogocki.jpg photo Sword blitz banner _zpsrwgquobz.jpg  photo Dead Ringer blitz banner _zpsl7cyoa19.jpg 
 photo ZIA BLITZ banner new_zpsjoxgfbhy.jpg photo THE KEEPSAKE BLITZ BANNER _zpshem1vkm3.jpg  photo THE KEEPSAKE BLITZ BANNER _zpshem1vkm3.jpg  photo TAMING TIGERS BLITZ BANNER _zpsyeqxfq8r.jpg  photo Rarity blitz banner _zpsxokdyac7.jpg photo TO BE HONEST BLITZ BANNER _zpsh2htcvib.jpg  photo TAMING TIGERS BLITZ BANNER _zpsyeqxfq8r.jpg  photo A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON BLITZ BANNER _zpsevvykzpp.jpg  photo AWAKENING BLITZ BANNER _zpsbtem7lnu.jpg photo THE INFECTED BLITZ BANNER _zpsmbgq0gjs.jpg photo THE KEEPSAKE BLITZ BANNER _zpshem1vkm3.jpg  photo Becoming BANNER _zps1vnwekgu.jpg photo Falling in Deep banner new _zpsff730f9l.jpg       photo GIRL ON THE RUN BLITZ BANNER new_zpsfggzfoxj.jpg 

 photo Black Blade TOUR banner NEW copy_zpsbjx9lprn.jpg photo The Dragon Orb tour banner_zpscplzkfet.jpg photo It Could Happen tour banner_zpsd6p33cws.jpg photo Weird and Wonderful tour banner_zpsgvla5sys.jpg photo Breakwater tour banner_zpsf3yvbaez.jpg  photo For Beau tour banner_zpsrirxhupz.jpg photo Blues Prophecy tour banner_zpskqfmqnqv.jpg photo Beautiful Betrayal TOUR banner NEW_zpsl5hsz1l0.jpg  photo The Runes of Issalia TOUR banner NEW_zpsng2qyvqd.jpg photo The Bad Boys Girl tour banner_zpshkvb7uq5.jpg photo Diadem of Death tour banner_zpskkvhuth7.jpg photo To Betray My King tour banner_zpsuglrmjxx.jpg photo Daughter of Etheron tour banner_zpsgwwrvtj9.jpg  photo Quanta Rewind tour banner_zpsxk3muaou.jpg photo Fragile Chaos tour banner_zps6bokgsne.jpg photo Ninja Girl tour banner_zps0qd2a4zb.jpg  photo Black Dawn tour banner_zpsekzkvf1w.jpg photo The Slope Rules tour banner_zpsmdmg8viu.jpg photo Grond tour banner_zpstswaad3k.jpg  photo Finding Molly tour banner_zpsj9jkxtxb.jpg photo Angelbound tour banner_zpsoaeouqk3.jpg  photo Myths of Mish tour banner NEW_zpszt6ss6rl.jpg photo Dating the It Guy tour banner_zpsth5ypvch.jpg photo Shattered Pack tour banner_zps6gd3vrme.jpg photo The Perfect Tear tour banner NEW_zpswg3oyu3r.jpg  photo Birthright tour banner_zpstqyk7mkz.jpg photo Agorophobic tour banner_zpslcngwxlf.jpg  photo The Edge of Brilliance tour banner NEW_zps6mghg5uk.jpg photo Home tour banner_zpsvf6fwlpj.jpg photo blog tour banner_zps144m1ljt.jpg  photo The Last shadow Gate tour banner_zpsqvlul1zx.jpg photo The Secret Billionaire tour banner_zpscfys1baz.jpg  photo College Life tour banner_zpslid4ak6z.jpg photo Legacy of the Mind tour banner_zps90t8d2cu.jpg photo Weariland tour banner_zpsesizwhmd.jpg photo Third Chronicles of Illumination tour banner_zpstsvlfclt.jpg  photo The Ashes and the Sparks tour banner_zpsk226dhbu.jpg photo Ascension tour banner_zpshf60lovg.jpg photo The Travelers TOUR banner_zpsera1scuy.jpg photo A Pizza My Heart tour banner_zpsprzwkdt9.jpg  photo Secrets of Artemis tour banner_zpskr6tfu2j.jpg photo Frost tour banner_zpsee4amdo7.jpg  photo Solstice tour banner_zpslbldezbw.jpg  photo Shes Like a Rainbow tour banner_zpsotfx7a2b.jpg photo return to autumn tour banner_zpsagmtqj0l.jpg photo Jadeites Journey tour banner_zpsqgpgsgji.jpg  photo Living in the Shallow tour banner_zpsnydusqne.jpg photo When ash rains down tour banner NEW_zpszjcx7s1t.jpg photo The Unwanted tour banner_zpszpgmmxjj.jpg  photo Anomalies audiobook tour banner_zpsvkuwr3w9.jpg photo Journey to the Rift tour banner_zpsfttldcoy.jpg  photo Eternal Darkness tour banner_zpsqouxj34y.jpg photo Capturing the Captain tour banner_zps5edbpxdy.jpg photo The Life Group tour banner_zpsmwwatkof.jpg photo Remnants of Yesterday tour banner_zpscircpdba.jpg  photo Succubus tour banner_zpszldwdudf.jpg photo Heir of Thunder tour banner NEW_zpsmuca1rgy.jpg photo The Silver Key tour banner_zpsrjl5hmp3.jpg  photo Membrane tour banner_zps4ls085gh.jpg photo Hero High tour banner_zps3cxytnd7.jpg photo Unexpected Rewards tour banner_zpshocrfadn.jpg  photo S.H.A.Y. tour banner_zpscrmm2whx.jpg photo Evanders schoo tour banner NEW_zpskffmozxv.jpg photo Red Pearl tour banner NeW_zpsvo7yuxwc.jpg  photo Battle for Cymmera tour banner_zpseqvmdu9g.jpg photo Escape from the Past trilogy tour banner_zpsebas1dii.jpg photo Butterfly Bones TOUR banner_zpsiyi5c59f.jpg  photo Fates Entwined tour banner_zpsomlhacqx.jpg photo A Fantastic Mess of Everything tour banner_zpsunf6snil.jpg photo The Keep tour banner_zpsq9ktywqr.jpg  photo Carmine tour banner_zpsrhmwkh2e.jpg photo Giant Slayers tour banner_zpscjgmantr.jpg photo The Last Winter Moon tour banner_zpswss4t1it.jpg  photo CIN tour banner_zpsce7vop6u.jpg photo Dark Ones Mistress tour banner_zpsqloc9j5c.jpg photo Forgetting Yesterday tour banner_zpst7sv6ej2.jpg  photo Fast-Pitch Love TOUR banner_zpshb8vvjnw.jpg photo Opaque tour banner_zpskh7n1bez.jpg photo Cease and Desist tour banner_zpsvbccfmc7.jpg photo The Lost Eye of the Serpent tour banner_zps4foy16wh.jpg  photo The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman tour banner_zpstjq6zi24.jpg photo girl on the brink tour banner_zpsxtuom7dy.jpg photo Dead Mans Curve tour banner_zpsxdvfoepq.jpg photo A Bond of Venom and Magic tour banner_zpsvxmio1oz.jpg  photo A Fabrication of the Truth tour banner_zpsidb2ll3p.jpg photo Nika tour banner_zpsukxsqqwt.jpg photo Brainwalker tour banner_zpsaxmy95lc.jpg photo The Row tour banner_zpsnvtpdgwg.jpg  photo Songs of Serphina tour banner_zpsou1dwvds.jpg photo Unlocked tour banner_zpsqfwofbkg.jpg  photo Soul Finder tour banner_zpshdujsap4.jpg photo Points of Departure tour banner_zpsn6moak6g.jpg photo Heres the Thing tour banner_zps7ihowkhd.jpg photo The Forgotten Fairytales tour banner_zpszj8lholx.jpg photo Fates Divided tour banner_zpskrezbgss.jpg photo Quanta Reset tour banner_zpswthag63y.jpg  photo The Fourth Piece tour banner_zpss7n2omsz.jpg photo Embodied Trilogy tour banner_zps83d28wfd.jpg  photo One Night tour banner_zpssczvlly7.jpg photo Throne of Lies tour banner_zpszuzoq5yk.jpg photo The Wrong Prince tour banner_zpsyxy85kjv.jpg photo Angelic anarchy tour banner_zpsslivcuer.jpg  photo Petrified tour banner_zpsav2ejvxs.jpg photo Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch tour banner_zpsllpmulgz.jpg photo Hidden Truths tour banner_zpsgej7e9ww.jpg  photo The Boyfriend Bet tour banner_zpspqhamgfm.jpg photo Red tour banner_zpsaurirhlw.jpg photo A Clearing in the Forest tour banner_zpstr94pijv.jpg photo Tenderfoot tour banner_zpsaivlg6je.jpg photo The Reader tour banner_zpslgjd3q6g.jpg photo The Rhodi Saga tour banner_zpsste7l4fl.jpg  photo Intertwined TOUR Banner_zpsoujizkfh.jpg  photo Static tour banner_zpsvu4xhrrh.jpg  photo Summerlypse tour banner_zpssymxuddo.jpg  photo The Mark of Noba banner NEW_zpsgxqocccy.jpg  photo deliverance tour banner_zpsuymuaxgv.jpg photo The Duchess Quest tour banner_zpsy5vwsvbv.jpg  photo Songs of Everealm tour banner_zpsbglp6ttf.jpg photo Caught in the Ripples tour banner_zpsnqozgqsn.jpg photo Dark Dreams and Dead Things tour banner_zpshamil30v.jpg  photo windrunners daughter tour banner_zpskbhnowv6.jpg photo A Second Chance tour banner_zpsc4xfnkwl.jpg photo Consoling Angel tour banner_zpsv0ljzowl.jpg  photo Rising Tides tour banner_zpse9tmhnfm.jpg photo broken dreams tour banner_zpsopimrqmw.jpg photo Quintina tour banner_zpszsoy8tkv.jpg  photo The Outlaw tour banner_zpspsfht6ml.jpg photo My Wolf and Me tour banner_zpsvys02q7x.jpg photo Welcome to Sortilege Falls tour banner_zpslgyadxdl.jpg photo Summer of Irreverence tour banner_zps9wgomaqj.jpg photo Mythical tour banner 1_zpscdeh920m.jpg  photo mythical tour banner NEW_zpsoagng9g7.jpg photo Turning Grace tour banner_zpshcrcgtcl.jpg photo If Youre Gone TOUR banner NEW_zpsbtntqqe6.jpg photo 27 days to midnight TOUR banner_zpsmzd9dxhz.jpg photo Beyond the Rising Tide tour banner_zpsbexdum9p.jpg photo Blood Orchid tour banner_zpsq4oonibn.jpg  photo It Started as a Whisper tour banner_zps0noyd6g7.jpg photo the sound of us tour banner NEW_zpsjznehdqj.jpg  photo Endangered tour banner_zpspdpuu4tw.jpg photo Asp of Ascension tour banner_zpso8lvd18p.jpg photo Risuko tour banner_zpslpyprysx.jpg photo Midnight Society tour banner_zpsedotaqva.jpg photo Withering Rose TOUR banner_zpsoiqduj2i.jpg  photo Lantern tour banner_zpssz9pxneq.jpg photo The Broken Crown tour banner_zpscxirkrq6.jpg photo Game of Fear tour banner_zpsw7scuhyq.jpg  photo Happily Ever After tour banner_zpsoe6sanis.jpg photo Cheerleading can be Murder tour banner_zpsk6fch6oa.jpg photo Moorigad tour banner_zpsahlvl1iw.jpg  photo Kisses on a Paper Airplane tour banner_zpsxrwugdqm.jpg photo Competing with the star tour banner_zpsspbqhqq8.jpg  photo how to be cool tour banner_zps20cxrlue.jpg photo Embattlement tour banner_zpst47q43lf.jpg photo The Society tour banner_zpswxrkahfg.jpg  photo The Lightning Luminary tour banner_zpslkaf1kw7.jpg photo Supernatural Freak tour banner_zps4if0qqlr.jpg  photo Demigods and Monsters tour banner_zpsj7lhtwww.jpg photo No One Dies in the Garden of Syn TOUR banner_zpsby6ohexw.jpg photo Ascenders Skypunch tour banner_zpsmyttez7n.jpg  photo Anomalies blog tour  banner_zpsmgvxoyd1.jpg photo Dark Incidence tour banner_zpsufteandj.jpg photo black jack tour banner_zpscybfy4ma.jpg  photo escape from the past the kid tour banner_zps8tvzemvz.jpg photo the ending element calista tour banner_zps0lzfwyvp.jpg  photo Provenance of Bondage tour banner_zpsxazj44k0.jpg photo Trial by Fire tour banner 2_zpshpba0qkl.jpg photo true colors tour banner_zpszuzcavcx.jpg photo musings of an earth ange tourl banner_zpsbvvcj6cy.jpg photo Escape from the past the dukes wrath tour banner_zpsxs00wrre.jpg photo Princess of Tyrone tour banner_zps9mukbsj1.jpg  photo Adorkable tour NEW banner_zpscwgv1gzp.jpg photo Immurement tour banner_zpsrqbdecbq.jpg photo Jessie Kasper tour banner_zpsqwsvwr0f.jpg  photo Diary of a Rockers Kid tour banner_zpspxpszroj.jpg photo A Chosen Life tour banner _zpso8hxkom4.jpg photo Prescient TOUR banner_zps2mckhghp.jpg photo How to Get Your Heart Broken tour banner_zps6a5nadnm.jpg photo Lions in the Garden tour banner_zpsj6p0fql7.jpg  photo The Temple of Paris tour banner_zpskec9ummt.jpg photo Emerge tour banner NEW_zpsx5qbx5e6.jpg photo Fifty Percent Vampire tour banner_zps250pr2jx.jpg photo Winter Queen tour banner_zpsxizqgtms.jpg photo the hunters moon tour banner_zpsyjylqvxx.jpg  photo The Riddle of Prague tour banner_zpsyxzadiyy.jpg photo Desire in Frost tour banner_zpsahppfymn.jpg  photo Eerie tour banner_zpsjtlcf3mq.jpg photo Curse of the Sphinx tour banner_zpsenqvel8k.jpg photo The black lotus tour banner_zpsxpmxkrsi.jpg  photo The Sky Drifter tour banner_zpsspedtiym.jpg photo OBSIDIAN tour banner _zpsnozrrztg.jpg  photo girl of myth and legend banner_zpsepmnb7lk.jpg  photo Champions tour banner _zpsjq6kul0e.jpg photo in place of never tour banner_zpsst1dpyld.jpg  photo The Coupling tour banner_zpsswltedog.jpg photo the shardheld saga tour banner _zpsez185sw7.jpg  photo The Cupcake Witch tour banner_zpslxi65upj.jpg  photo rising ridge tour banner_zpsxr3ljghu.jpg  photo omen operation tour BANNER _zps6wk5mfok.jpg  photo Until You Came Along tour banner_zps6rzhdde3.jpg photo Stormwielder tour banner _zpspiopujrn.jpg photo blood moon tour banner _zps57pgnxf7.jpg photo Ascenders tour banner_zpsaj0zpfkq.jpg  photo inked tour banner _zpstd4zueym.jpg  photo United tour banner _zpsrvi8bhhu.jpg photo THE KEEPSAKE tour banner _zps2i4ec8pg.jpg photo The Glass Ceiling tour banner _zpsbqhg45ai.jpg  photo thicker than water tour banner 2_zpsiylvmvgr.jpg photo Floor 21 tour banner _zps5afiahxa.jpg photo Revenge tour banner _zpsd0me8fip.jpg photo Aegis Incursion tour banner _zps4rb54w6g.jpg  photo The Starriest Summer tour banner_zpsfpk4dl6x.jpg  photo Clean tour banner _zpsjolmxpe3.jpg  photo doll parts tour banner _zpszzzkgz36.jpg  photo next door to a star tour banner _zpsx1odmgte.jpg   photo LIONESS OF KELL TOUR BANNER _zpshujm2j7e.jpg photo IntoDarkness TOUR BANNER _zpsiw4b3rtg.jpg           
 photo My Buddhist Christmas tour banner_zps0qccvlvx.jpg photo The Upstate Boys Tour Banner_zpse2arqmmx.jpg  


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