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The Return (Sanshlian #3)
by Dani Hoots
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Release Date: June 16th 2020
FoxTales Press


Everything is riding on the races.

As planned, I have entered the races to get back the map to Sanshli. Everything is riding on this and I cannot lose. Torn between my brother, Nygard, and Jack, I didn’t know who to trust. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if Nygard had it right—maybe we were more powerful and deserved to rule. Only time would tell, and the winner of the races would be able to find Sanshli and end this once and for all.

This is the conclusion of the Sanshlian Series 

Previous Books in the Series:
The Quest (Sanshlian #1)
Release date: March 2020


Eleven years ago, my life was ripped away from me. My father, my brother, my humanity. Everything. I was thrown into the Kamps, created to be a mindless machine. But I fought against it, not letting them take away my memories of the past.

And I succeeded.

It has been seven years since I was taken out of the Kamps and made into the Emperor's Shadow. Now I only take orders from him, and him alone, without questions. That is, until my brother, who I thought was dead, shows up and kidnaps me in order to help him find some long lost planetthat our father used to tell stories about.

According to the legend, and who finds the planet Sanshll can rewrite the past, and my brother wants to use it to destroy the Empire. My loyalty will always be to the Emperor. But what if this planet is real? The longer I stay with my brother, the more I begin to find that the Emperor has been keeping secrets from me. But I can't turn my back on him...

Or can I?

The Journey (Sanshlian #2)
Release Date: March 2020


Now it is time to figure out who I really am.

A year has passed since we were all on Sanshli. My idiot brother decided to pull out the sword and now we were stuck in the past, all in new bodies. Like my life wasn't complicated enough.

But now it was going to get even more complicated.

Time was running out and I had to finish my mission: destroy Nygard once and for all. I knew I would be on my own for this one, as I was the only one who I could trust. And there was always Jack, but I still didn't know where he was. Hopefully it would all make sense soon.

But what were the odds of that? 

About the Author
Dani Hoots is a science fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult author who loves anything with a story. She has a B.S. in Anthropology, a Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning, a Certificate in Novel Writing from Arizona State University, and a BS in Herbal Science from Bastyr University.

Currently she is working on a YA urban fantasy series called Daughter of Hades, a YA urban fantasy series called The Wonderland Chronicles, a historic fantasy vampire series called A World of Vampires, and a YA sci-fi series called Sanshlian Series. She has also started up an indie publishing company called FoxTales Press. She also works with Anthill Studios in creating comics through Antik Comics.

Her hobbies include reading, watching anime, cooking, studying different languages, wire walking, hula hoop, and working with plants. She is also an herbalist and sells her concoctions on FoxCraft Apothecary. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and visits Seattle often.

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