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YA Bound Book Tours is organizing a Social Media Book Blitz for: The Dream Weaver by Chantae Oliver. This blitz will take place August 26th to 30th. No need to post anything on your blog! You only have to post buy links to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and/or Goodreads a few times a day (no more than 3) to spread the word about, The Dream Weaver! I have a few options for you.


YA Fantasy with romance, strong female leads, & diversity, The Dream Weaver by Chantae Oliver! Grab a copy on Amazon today! #amreading

After witnessing the murder of her parents Rhiannon has spent the last 8 years in an emotional purgatory. Her fairy lineage has given her powers that she can use to avenge her parents. Will she?

YA Fantasy  
Your dreams aren't safe. 
Trust no one. 
Take control of your life. 
Question everything. 
The Dream Weaver out now!

YA novel filled with a diverse cast of characters and surrounding a new take on fairy lore - they're not your typical tiny whimsical creatures.

The Dream Weaver
by Chantae Oliver
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release date: March 2019


18-year-old Rhiannon, the last fairy princess, has spent the last 8 years going through the motions of her life after witnessing the murder of her parents. Traumatized from her inability to help them, she freely allows the High Council to make most decisions for her. That is, until, the person who killed her parents is found and she is given a chance to use her unique and developing powers to get revenge.After spending so long avoiding any decision making, Rhiannon now faces a moral decision that she can’t evade.

About the Author
Chantae writes how she reads - which is to mean that she likes to get to the exciting bits AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Her writing reflects that as her focus is on taking you on a fun ride. Writing motto? "I'm here to entertain you, not teach you."
Chantae Oliver has lived a life seeing the world with constant travel and interactions with different people and cultures. She has both a strong sense of wanderlust and a passion for writing stories and poems that readers around the world can relate to.
As someone who is mixed race, Chantae grew up a book worm who unfortunately often felt underrepresented. As the literary world expands its’ representation, Chantae hopes to join in by including people of different backgrounds, mentalities, abilities, and physical presences.
In addition to working on her book series, she writes poetry, paints, plays Dungeons and Dragons, reads, does daily devotionals and raises her two precious boys.
Winner of multiple writing competitions, Chantae has shown her tenacity and skills time and time again.


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