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YA Bound Book Tours is organizing a Social Media Book Blitz for: The Star Series by Krysten Lindsay Hager.  This blitz will take place February 4th to 10th.  No need to post anything on your blog!  You only have to post buy links to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and/or Goodreads a few times a day (no more than 3) to spread the word about the $0.99 sale for the Star Series! I have a few options for you.


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Next Door to a Star
by Krysten Lindsay Hager
Release Date: September 1st 2015
Limitless Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

Hadley Daniels is tired of feeling invisible.

After Hadley’s best friend moves away and she gets on the bad side of some girls at school, she goes to spend the summer with her grandparents in the Lake Michigan resort town of Grand Haven. Her next door neighbor is none other than teen TV star Simone Hendrickson, who is everything Hadley longs to be—pretty, popular, and famous—and she’s thrilled when Simone treats her like a friend. But being popular is a lot harder than it looks.
It’s fun and flattering when Simone includes her in her circle, though Hadley is puzzled about why her new friend refuses to discuss her former Hollywood life. Caught up with Simone, Hadley finds herself ignoring her quiet, steadfast friend, Charlotte.
To make things even more complicated, along comes Nick Jenkins. He’s sweet, good-looking, and Hadley can be herself around him without all the fake drama. However, the mean girls have other ideas and they fill Nick’s head with lies about Hadley, sending him running back to his ex-girlfriend and leaving Hadley heartbroken.
So when her parents decide to relocate to Grand Haven, Hadley hopes things will change when school starts…only to be disappointed once again. Cliques. Back-stabbing. Love gone bad. Is this really what it’s like to live Next Door To A Star?

Book Trailer:

Competing with the Star
Release Date: March 22nd 2016
Limitless Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

Hadley Daniels’s life seems perfect… Hadley and her family move to a beautiful beach town, where she makes amazing new friends and lands the boyfriend of her dreams—Nick Jenkins. He’s the kind of guy every girl swoons over, and it isn’t long until Hadley discovers some are still swooning.
Hadley and Nick form a deep bond when he confides in her about his grandfather’s life changing diagnosis. However, insecurity sets in when Hadley discovers her boyfriend was once in love her friend who just happens to be the beautiful former teen TV star, Simone Hendrickson. Hadley confronts Nick, who confesses his history with Simone. Though he claims to only have eyes for Hadley now, it’s hard to believe—especially when she’s blindsided with the news that Nick and Simone kissed after school.
Now Hadley must determine who is telling the truth as she begins to see a different side of her friends—which ones will stick by the star and who will stand by Hadley. Love, betrayal and friendship—who needs soap opera drama when you’re competing with a star?
Hadley has the boyfriend of her dreams, but insecurity sets in when Hadley discovers he was once in love with her friend, the beautiful teen TV star and blindsided with the news that they kissed after school. Who needs soap opera drama when you’re competing with a star?

Book Trailer:

About the Author
Krysten Lindsay Hager is an obsessive reader and has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and humor essayist, and writes for teens, tweens, and adults. She is also the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series (True Colors, Best Friends…Forever?, and the soon to be released, Landry in Like) and her work has been featured in USA Today and named as Amazon’s #1 Hot New Releases in Teen & Young Adult Values and Virtues Fiction and Amazon’s #1 Hot New Releases in Children’s Books on Values. She’s originally from Michigan and has lived in South Dakota, Portugal, and southwestern Ohio. She received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Author Links:
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