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Author KC Hunter is offering review copies of: The Brothers Locke: Complete Series Edition for interested bloggers. This review tour will run February through March.  Bloggers will receive an e-copy of the book and will have until the end of March to post their review(s) on Amazon and their blog.  This is different from a blog tour as there will be no set schedule, bloggers must review on their own time (before the end of the deadline).  If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below.  Please note that signing up will not guarantee you a review copy.  Selected bloggers will be notified by email.

The Brothers Locke: Complete Series Edition
by KC Hunter
Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure
Pages: 478
Release Date: January 19th 2017
AOE Studios

Summary from Goodreads:

A Fast Paced, Action Packed, YA Fantasy Adventure 

Mouth, Echo and Sharp Locke are identical teenage triplets who live in the magical world known as The Dea. They also fashion themselves as Master Thieves. After getting a job to steal a mysterious item from one of the richest men in The Dea, they realize what they've actually stolen is an ancient relic that many mercenaries, governments, air pirates, and monsters greatly desire. 

This eight episode young adult fantasy series follows the brothers as they run from danger, encounter all sorts of colorful characters and visit some of the most spectacular and sometimes dangerous places in their world. The mysteries they unlock will have great impact on a future that is uncertain. 

Told in eight short story episodes, The Brothers Locke can be experienced like a Netflix show. You can binge read the entire series or go one episode at a time for those who like short, quick reads. While the characters and wild adventures appeal to young adults, older readers will find the story fast paced, exciting, and at times humorous

Complete Edition 
This edition is all eight of the episodes combined into one package. In addition to the entire series, there is also additional artwork and links to more content where you can explore the world of the Dea in greater detail over the coming months.

About the Author
The writer and creator of the dark fantasy series Paris and the children's series Dorian Delmontez™.

KC Hunter has been a storyteller since he was twelve-years-old, and through various media during his life, been telling them ever since. He won a National Young Writers Award in 1994 and had several poems published in his teen years.

He later delved into music, live performance and interactive media development, but still continued to write through the early 2000s.

In 2008, he developed the concept of merging his skills at web design, multimedia development and writing into a new form of storytelling media: Electronic Media Entertainment. His goal is to expand the universe of a story from being confined to one medium (a book, a game, a graphic novel) into a multi-layered universe that encompasses a variety of media types.

He currently lives in Owings Mills, Maryland and is a member of various clubs in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

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