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by D.J. Abel
Genre: NA Thriller/Dystopian
Release Date: September 2020


The path of light fades dim into extinction as the dark and unforgiving nature of man pulls out all of the stops to swallow up any remaining innocence from our scorched and decaying earth

Navigating daily life in semi-urban America in a near future where ghastly ideologies are now a welcomed reality, Oswald tries to keep his head low with only the mission to provide for himself and his disturbed daughter, Lexi, until, through a series of dastardly deeds committed by his daughter, he is forced into a brewing conflict between officials in his city and the street gangs they’re aligned with by way of a group shunned and near outlawed by the majority of society that is in step with a nationwide movement to overthrow the corrupt powers that be. While the nation is distracted from approaching the brink of civil war a grim millenniums old prophesy comes to be as the world on the opposite side of the Atlantic unites in reverence of a mysterious man flaunhe next coming. From being reunited with a lover from his past to the tough calls he faces with his only child, Oswald must keep his own being intact while paying back a crucial debt by payment of blood. Will the finite eye be able to see a light of hope through the storm of hellfire coming to ravage our already dying world?


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