Social Media Blitz: Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster by Kachi Ugo!

YA Bound Book Tours is organizing a Social Media Book Blitz for: Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster by Kachi Ugo. This blitz will take place November 14th to 21st. No need to post anything on your blog! You only have to post buy links to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and/or Goodreads a few times a day (no more than 3) to spread the word about the new release, Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster! I have a few options for you.

·        1. If there are no sea monsters ravaging the seven seas or three-headed hyrdas prowling our streets, it's not because they don't exist; it's because we exist. We are the last line of defense against nature's indiscretions. We are nature's police. We are Mewranters.


3. We are nature's police. We are Mewranters.

4. Beasts roam the dark because we keep it that way. But when something happens to threaten our existence, even darkness will step into the light...and wreak havoc.

5. They do their work in secret...and keep us all safe. Our air. Our land. Our sea. But now they must step into the light, if they are to stave off biblically catastrophic events.

6. For centuries they have protected our sanity and destroyed nature's mistakes. Now their unity is threatened. The world is at stake.

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8. “...[Mewranters] is an enticing urban fantasy for young readers, a coming-of-age of sorts, fast-paced, and featuring phenomenal characters and a huge conflict” – Readers’ Favorite.

9. “Just like Percy Jackson, Perry Johnson is surely going to be the new hype!” – Readers’ Favorite. Join this chariot! Order Mewranters now!

10. Here’s what people are saying about Mewranters: “Character development is one of Kachi Ugo's strong skills and it combines with masterful storytelling and a great sense of setting to deliver the enjoyable reading experience that readers look for.”

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12. Ever been pushed off a cliff? Perry Johnson was and lived to tell the tale. Mewranters is that tale. Order now and maybe, just maybe, you can become a Mew!

13. Eagles are such fun, especially when you're not the Eagle Mew being hunted across the US. Perry Johnson turned into an Eagle Mew. It was the beginning of all his hardships. Order Mewranters now.

14. Eagle Mews never make it past their ‘Fall Ritual’. Never. And that’s just terrible because Perry has turned into a Golden Eagle. Now he must survive. Order NOW!

15. “It’s easy to fall in love with Perry, because he’s a real character with real insecurities and worries along with his supernatural battles” – Readers’ Favorite. Follow Perry’s adventure, order Mewranters now.

16. “Mewranters is a unique work of fantasy with all the right elements to enthrall younger readers and their parents, as Kachi Ugo has crafted his story line to reach a wide audience in the genre” - Early Reviewer. Grab your copy now. No age restrictions!

17. “As a mother I found the theme particularly stirring and relatable, a feeling that was heightened as I saw my own teen daughter become happily invested in Perry's plight.” - Jamie Michele, Readers' Favorite. Join the adventure. Order now @ Amazon and everywhere.

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19. If you think monsters don’t exist, it’s only because WE do. We are Nature’s Police. We are Mewranters.

Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster
by Kachi Ugo 
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: November 6th 2018


Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster uniquely blends adventure with an engaging fast-paced writing style to present readers with an action-packed story of wits, wisdom, and sheer force of will.

Every Mew in the country is out to kill Perry, and the sea monster is calling him out to the sea. Therefore, he must quickly learn why every Mew is threatened by the existence of an eagle Mew if he is to stand a chance at saving his parents and killing the monster. On the day of his initiation, he shifts into a huge Golden Eagle. However, this is a bad thing since no eagle Mew makes it past the age of twelve. To complicate his life, his shifting into an eagle Mew has reawakened the sea monster. A tentative partnership is formed between the different clans. But when Perry Johnson realizes that this partnership could mean the death of his parents, he has a decision to make.

With every Mew in the country out to kill him, and the sea monster calling him out to the sea, Perry must quickly learn why every Mew is threatened by the existence of an eagle Mew if he is to stand a chance at saving his parents and killing the monster. If he fails, it may very well be the end of his family… and the rest of the world. This fast-paced story, with its intriguing plot and original fantastical world, keeps every zoo-going, animal-loving kid wanting more as they follow Perry’s adventure.

About the Author
Kachi Ugo's whole life has revolved around writing. When he was twelve, while his friends still flipped through picture books and comics, he took an interest in thick, picture-less “story books” that opened him up to a whole new world of possibilities and adventures. A decade later, he writes those same books himself. Kachi Ugo is an avid supporter of YA Fantasy. For him, writing is a passion. He relishes the power it gives him to create worlds of his own where anything and everything is possible.
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