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Author M. Black is offering review copies of: EXOTIQA for interested bloggers. This review tour will run March through May.  Bloggers will receive an e-copy of the book and will have until the end of May to post their review(s) on Amazon and their blog.  This is different from a blog tour as there will be no set schedule, bloggers must review on their own time (before the end of the deadline).  If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below.  Please note that signing up will not guarantee you a review copy.  Selected bloggers will be notified by email.

by M. Black
Genre: YA Scifi/Dystopian/Thriller
Release Date: March 1st 2017


The second YA SyFy dystopian Thriller released by the debut author M. Black, dubbed Divergent meets iRobot. This novel will appeal to a vast array of audiences. Filled with haunting questions of consciousness and artificial intelligence, identity and self-awareness, politics and love, life and death, the reader will be engaged in an entertaining story filled with futuristic technology. 

Set in the year 2055 in British Columbia, Canada, where humans are part robotic and robots are becoming more humanlike, the line dividing the two is becoming less clear. 

When sixteen-year-old Fione meets Maci, a twenty-one-year-old Flexbot who escapes from ImaTech located along the crust of the Coast Mountains, Fione’s life is taken on a roller-coaster ride of events that begins with trying to save Maci from ImaTech Corporation and ends with trying to save the country.

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About the Author
M. Black is a writer of Dystopia, primarily in the YA SyFy genre and usually with hints of romance. 
M.Black is the pen name to author Ami Blackwelder who writes in the Paranormal genre, with hints of Romance Apocalypse;)

M.Black is usually writing on her MAC, taking care of her two cats LOTUS and ASH who show up in her books Exotiqa and Simulation, cooking her favorite vegetarian dishes like veggie chili and lasagna, or watching her favorite shows. OA on Netflix and Stranger Things a top pick. 

M. Black loves to explore future worlds that are falling apart because of humanity's ignorance of warnings. She likes to incorporate technology, robots, and unique twists to keep the reader guessing. You can find her at

If you are looking for paranormal reads, some apocalyptic, please try her other line of books under Ami Blackwelder.

She also has one historical romance under the pen name Rebecca May.

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