Saying Goodbye to YA Bound Book Tours...

I've been putting off writing this post for a few months cause I don't really know what to say.  As you can see from the title, I am saying goodbye to YA Bound Book Tours.

Last year was an incredible stressful and hard year for me, and those of you that follow my blog probably know all about my disastrous house leak and all the other illnesses I had going on, and really unstable internet.  I knew I couldn't keep handling all this on my own so I reached out to Sara to see if she wanted to help over the Summer.  No matter how much she helped me and eventually started taking on her own events and clients, I was never able to fully catch up on the months I was behind on.

I asked Sara last year if she was interested in possibly taking over the site since I couldn't handle it anymore due to my increasing migraines and other health/personal reasons as was so relieved when she said yes.  She's been so great at all of this and I can't imagine leaving this to anyone else.  As relieved as I feel about saying goodbye to this chapter of my life, I also feel a little sad because I genuinely liked doing this before it all became too much.  Our subscriber list was at around 100 bloggers when I took over for Trisha, and in three year's I've grown that to over 1,000 bloggers.  I'll miss working with all you great bloggers and you will never understand how grateful I am to you for giving me the opportunity to do this.

Over the last few months, Sara and I have been busy transferring all the accounts to her.  She's pretty much been running this by herself since October so I'm 100% confident in her ability to do this.  I only have a few things left to work on and finish next month, a few events I had to reschedule, and to double check I don't owe anyone anything, but after February this is all gonna be Sara's baby. :)

If you are a blogger and have an event scheduled with Sara, please use the new email to get in touch with her: (  If you have something scheduled with me, you can reach me at ( or my personal email (  For new inquiries, please contact Sara.

Thank you to everyone who worked with me and I hope I still see you guys around!


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